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Whats is Looker?

Looker is a Google Cloud service that allows processing and analyzing large volumes of online data. Unlike other services such as Data Studio, this platform allows the use of analytics embedded in applications, websites or portals.

Looker is fast and can be used by a large number of people simultaneously. It has several data dashboards and its own API to create applications, automations and various data visualization components.

Google Cloud Platform + Looker


With Looker you can take a holistic view of the business and use it to improve each area. Some examples: 

  • Integrate your data analytics.
  • Create apps to visualize and interpret data.
  • Simplify the creation of reports and dashboards.
  • Automate reports and insights.
  • Already configured integrations and API access to integrate into any project or product.
Looker - Google Cloud
panel de datos dashboard looker


Thanks to its wide variety of data and control panels, Looker enables real-time data visualization like no other tool. 

Users have a wide variety of filters, visualization formats, controls, alerts, irregularity detector and more. 

Create unique stories based on your project data.


Thanks to its data modeling engine, the platform can perform efficient SQL queries on behalf of users. 

LookML is able to eliminate technical skills as a potential bottleneck and frees up the data team to focus their time on innovation.

looker apps aplicaciones moviles


Looker has its own apps for mobile devices. All controls and dashboards are adapted to a mobile view so you can track your data on any device.

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Logo de Looker

Over 50 dialects and services supported

Looker Integrations

Cloud SQL - Integración con Looker

Cloud SQL

BigQuery - Integración con Looker


Cloud Spanner Integración con Looker

Cloud Spanner

Snowflake - Integración con Looker


PostgreSQL - Integración con Looker


Amazon Redshift - Integración con Looker

Amazon Redshift

Amazon Athena - Integración con Looker

Amazon Athena

Amazon Aurora - Integración con Looker

Amazon Aurora

MySQL - Integración con Looker


Hive - Integración con Looker


Oracle - Integración con Looker


Teradata - Integración con Looker


Microsoft SQL Server - Integración con Looker

Microsoft SQL Server

Vertica - Integración con Looker


Apache Spark - Integración con Looker

Apache Spark

Impala - Integración con Looker


Actian - Integración con Looker


Presto - Integración con Looker


SingleStore - Integración con Looker


SAP Hana - Integración con Looker


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Looker case studies

Web Analytics

Analítica web con Looker

Extend your understanding of what is happening on your website or app in the cloud thanks to advanced statistics.

Digital Marketing

Informes de Marketing Digital con Looker

Measure your PPC, SEM, social media, mailing or SEO campaigns thanks to customized reports and funnels configuration.

Sales and purchases

Análisis de ventas y compras con Looker

Connect Looker to your eCommerce, SaaS, ERP or CRM and run reports to stay up to date. Then integrate these reports wherever you want.

What more can we do for your business?

Consulting Services: we study your needs and requirements.

Licensing and Configuration: we help you get everything ready.

Support: Google Workspace first-level Help Center to solve doubts or incidents.

Digital Transformation: definition of technology adoption stages and staff training.

Devices: we provide different devices adapted to the needs of each user.

Third party

If in spite of all the services Google Cloud makes available to you, you think that your company needs something more, Edosoft provides you with Third Party tools to complement your ecosystem and create a 360º cloud environment.


Built specifically for G Suite users, Copper offers all the options you would expect from a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. Synchronize your contacts automatically, group important documents, create reports and manage them, etc.


Google Workspace, formerly known as G Suite, is a collection of tools that allow you to work more agile and productive, while collaborating in real time with your colleagues or external customers, and in a single workspace.

Google Workspace includes Gmail, Meet, Calendar, Drive, Documents, Spreadsheets and more applications developed to make your work life easier.


GAT Shield allows you to track the usage time, analyze and manage the risk of the installed extensions and visualize different system configuration parameters. It can also monitor the time you have spent on a particular page or task.

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