Data Science and Big Data Services

Do you use the full potential of your data? We build solutions tailored to your business.

How do we apply Data Science?

We use scientific methods, processes and systems to extract knowledge and a better understanding of our clients’ data in its different forms.

To do so, we rely on extraction, transformation and loading tools from different data sources. Among our favorites are: BigQuery and Google’s CloudScheduler. Although we work with a much wider range of services.

We are strong in:


We specialize in creating dashboards in Google Data Studio from different sources (BigQuery, Google Analytics,…).

We also work with models and explorers in Looker, available to the user through views generated in BigQuery.

Google Data Studio Edosoft


A system in Google Cloud Platform that, through the use of optical character recognition (Document AI API), converts PDFs into plain text and stores it in a data lake to be able to work with it from a data visualization tool such as Looker or Data Studio.


GCP system that, through automatic speech recognition (Speech to text API), transcribes audios, converts them into plain text and stores them in a data lake.

This solution allows our clients to analyze relevant data such as customer mood, purchase intention, etc.

speech to text google api edosoft
Natural Language API


System for the analysis of comments, documents and audios. Different tables are generated in BigQuery with the information of interest obtained from the Natural Language API. The tables contain information at full text, entity, token or sentence level. The data model is designed to facilitate subsequent analysis in BigQuery. It also guarantees the tracking of documents previously processed with Document AI or Speech to text from the original document to its analysis.

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Case studies

Web Analytics

Analítica web con Looker
Extend your understanding of what is happening on your website or app in the cloud thanks to advanced statistics.

Marketing Digital

Informes de Marketing Digital con Looker
Measure your PPC, SEM, social media, mailing or SEO campaigns thanks to customized reports and funnels configuration.

Sales and purchase analysis

Análisis de ventas y compras con Looker
We connect with your eCommerce, SaaS, ERP or CRM and help you unify data sources to generate reports and dashboards.

Route optimization

optimizacion de ruta data science data driven edosoft e1663249173244
Thanks to the use of big data, you can improve route efficiency, fleet management, load capacity and response times.

Quality and product analysis

pexels angela roma 7319301 1 e1663249867815
Know the satisfaction index of your customers, or measure how you are serving your customers thanks to the mood measurement system.

Inventory forecasting

prevision de compras e inventarios data science big data edosoft e1663249466925
Apply data science to optimize replenishment times, stock management and purchase requisitions based on more accurate and agile forecasts.

Edosoft's Integral Service

Consulting Services: we study your needs and requirements.

Licensing and Configuration: we help you get everything ready.

Support: Google Workspace first-level Help Center to solve doubts or incidents.

Digital Transformation: definition of technology adoption stages and staff training.

Devices: we provide different devices adapted to the needs of each user.

Third Party

If in spite of all the services Google Cloud makes available to you, you think that your company needs something more, Edosoft provides you with Third Party tools to complement your ecosystem and create a 360º cloud environment.


Data analysis is one of the most promising global trends.  In this area, Looker helps to consolidate Google’s leadership. Thanks to this software, companies can create calculations for revenue and other information to make the most appropriate trends for them.


GAT Shield allows you to track the usage time, analyze and manage the risk of the installed extensions and visualize different system configuration parameters. It can also monitor the time you have spent on a particular page or task.

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