Our Team

The team that makes Edosoft what it is.

Daniel Santana - CEO en Edosoft

Daniel Santana

The Master Chief and CEO at Edosoft.

Efren Perez

Efrén Pérez

Product Owner. He has the UDLP crest tattooed.

Antonio Fumero

Antonio Fumero

R&D. Beer solves everything.

Laura Ojeda

Laura Ojeda

Management. He can be bribed with Munchitos.

Cristina Ordóñez (Laude Canarias)

Cristina Ordóñez

HR. Obsessed with music, pole dancing and whatever else comes along..

Jose Angel Martínez- Marketing en Edosoft

Jose Angel Martínez

Cloud Business Development and Marketing. Lover of Halo, Xbox and Belgian beer.

Moises Lodeiro

Moisés Lodeiro

DevOps Engineer. This doesn’t happen with Linux.

Francisco Merino - Product Manager en Edosoft

Francisco Merino

Product Manager at Edosoft. He’s Back.

David Alvarez

David Álvarez

Product Owner. Lobster lover (grilled).

Pablo de la Portilla - DevOps Engineer

Pablo de la Portilla

DevOps Engineer.

Jerónimo García Bartholemy - Edosoft

Jerónimo García

Fullstack Developer. Member of the Shakai Team

Sara Pérez - Soporte en Edosoft

Sara Pérez

Support at Edosoft. Lover of cats, videogames, horror movies and a good book.

Ardiel Garcia - Full-stack Developer en Edosoft

Ardiel García

Fullstack Developer.

Isaac Hernández - Product Owner en Edosoft

Isaac Hernández

Product Owner. Sportsman, film buff, music lover. A great man.

70 Esaú Martinez González

Esaú Martínez

Data Engineer. The best Edosoft Physicist (and the only one).


Daniel Afonso

Full Stack Developer. PHP lover. Legacy code gardener.

Ruyman Rodriguez

Ruymán Rodríguez

Full Stack Developer. He doesn’t care about technology.

Carlos Espino

Oscar Lindenborn

Graphic designer. The kind of people who paint and color.

65 Erik Viera

Erik Viera

Full Stack Developer. He has exclusive discount coupons.

Alby Fernandez

Alby Fernández

Full Stack Developer. Word economist.

64 Jacobo Saavedra

Jacobo Saavedra

.NET Developer. His headset allows him to hear the beyond.

79 Ernesto Echeverría

Ernesto Echeverría

Full Stack Developer. He plays volleyball and plays bass like no one else.

outline Paco

Francisco Núñez

Full-Stack Developer. Direct from Ciudad Real to bring us the best React.

82 Migel Ángel G@

Miguel Angel González

Fullstack Developer. Husky lover, rap and crazy about travelling to the moon.

63 Alejandro Medina

Alejandro Medina.

Full Stack Developer. Blessed with a perfect beard.

Andrés Julián

Andrés Julián

DevOps Engineer. He likes to ride his bike with Lucille on his back.

Eduardo Quesada

Eduardo Quesada

Full Stack Developer. Built with Python, 100 % natural.

Eduardo Richelet

Eduardo Richelet

Graphic designer. Someone had to straighten out Óscar.

Moises Bonilla

Moisés Bonilla

Full Stack Developer. He creates and breaks tests equally.

67 Juan Alberto Mena Alpha

Juan Alberto Mena

Data Analyst. Almost two metres of volleyball fan. 

Ramon Betancor Cabrera

Ramón Betancor

Full Stack Developer. You’ve never seen a developer with those arms.

77 Manuel Sánchez

Manuel Sánchez

Product Owner. Our very own Darth Vader; if you are looking for different results, don’t do the same thing every time.

juan alberto medina

Juan Alberto Mena

Data Analyst

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David Iglesias

Full Stack Developer.

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Jose Martínez

Full Stack Developer: BootTracer.
69 Jesús Miguel Llanos

Jesús Miguel Llanos

.NET Developer. The reincarnation of Olajuwon as a developer.

Juan Antonio Rodríguez - Fullstack Developer en Edosoft

Juan Antonio Rodríguez

Fullstack Developer. It’s a long road to the top, if you want to Rock ‘n’ Roll.

76 Anabel Valero

Anabel Valero

Product Owner/Data Analyst. From Andalusia and a lover of nature and good camping.

78 Alexandra Lagrange

Alexandra Lagrange

Content Manager. Her passion is cooking, sewing and trekking and it all flows together.

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Natanael Armas

Now I am appointed as DevOps Engineer. I’m a jack of all trades. System tester at heart.
81 Bharat Sawnani@

Bharat Sawnani

Fullstack Developer. Nothing better to relax than a good MMA fight.

Vicente Mauricia

Vicente Mauricio

Telecommunication Engineer and R&D Consultant. There’s no more space.

93 Celina Janczak Camp

Celina Janczack

ML/AI Engineer. He is happy tinkering with ML algorithms. Traveling, cooking and kitten memes are his passion.
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Carlos David Monzón

Full Stack Developer: Expert in putting up prints.

66 Eva Carrascosa

Eva Carrascosa

Administration. “Mother of Dragons”.
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Christopher Pérez

DevOps Engineer. Programming or whatever comes up.
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Daniel Fernández

Full Stack Developer. DevOps Engineer at times. Fan of asynchronous programming (in PHP 🤪).


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Eduardo Olalde

Consultant. System testing.
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