Our Team

The team that makes Edosoft what it is.

Juan Vera

CEO. The one in charge, basically.

Aitor Carrera

CTO. Edosoft Superadmin and Potterhead.

Isabel Caballero

R&D. She has the innate ability to speak with only one vowel.

Antonio Fumero

R&D. Beer solves everything.

Fran Merino

Product Manager. He crowned the Tourmalet by bike.

Iván Navarro

RTE. Punctual like a Swiss watch. Or like a Casio.

Laura Ojeda

Management. He can be bribed with Munchitos.

Wendolín Damián

Data and cats scientist. She tries to play the guitar.

Efrén Pérez

Product Owner. He has the UDLP crest tattooed.

Roberto González

Product Owner. Gamer, streamer, cosplayer, ‘personer’.

David Álvarez

Product Owner. Lobster lover (grilled).

Iradiel García

Full Stack Developer. Thanos was right.

Joanna Korolczuk

Consultant. She loves yoga and hiking, but separately.

Oscar Lindenborn

Graphic designer. The kind of people who paint and color.

Alby Fernández

Full Stack Developer. Word economist.

Isaac Hernández

Product Owner. Athletic, cinephile, music lover. 

Antonio Caballero

System Engineer. He stepped on a LEGO piece and escaped unharmed.

Bruno Boeri

Marketing and Communication. My website is amazing!

Marta Álvarez

Full Stack Developer. Archery champion.

Javier García

Full Stack Developer. If it works, don’t touch it.

Bruno Rodríguez

Full Stack Developer. The good one of the two Brunos.

Andrés Julián

Andrés Julián

DevOps Engineer. He likes to ride his bike with Lucille on his back.

Vicente Mauricio

Telecommunication Engineer and R&D Consultant. There’s no more space.

Laura Trujillo

HR. Stan Loona. Singer-songwriter. Cat trainer.

Alejandro del Pino

Full Stack Developer. He has a fortune in Magic.

José Alberto Mena

Full Stack Developer. Tenerife football team fan to the core.

Alejandro Medina.

Full Stack Developer. Blessed with a perfect beard.

Moisés Bonilla

Full Stack Developer. He creates and breaks tests equally.

Moisés Lodeiro

DevOps Engineer. This doesn’t happen with Linux.

Ruymán Rodríguez

Full Stack Developer. He doesn’t care about technology.

Eduardo Richelet

Eduardo Richelet

Graphic designer. Someone had to straighten out Óscar.

Alberto Sarabia

Alberto Sarabia

Ticket solver. Supporting support.

Salvador Torrubia

Full Stack Developer. He develops in a Minority Report-style.

Ubay González

Full Stack Developer. He does NOT sell Opel Corsa. He buys them.

Eduardo Quesada

Full Stack Developer. Built with Python, 100 % natural.


Daniel Afonso

Full Stack Developer. PHP lover. Legacy code gardener.

Yanira Medina

Yanira Medina

Full Stack Developer. She loves watching hours of Captain Man and Kid Danger.

Ramón Betancor

Full Stack Developer. You’ve never seen a developer with those arms.

Jacobo Saavedra

.NET Developer. His headset allows him to hear the beyond.

Erik Viera

Full Stack Developer. He has exclusive discount vouchers.

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