Smart Solutions

We use high level technologies innovatively to contribute to the development of our cities and the improvement of citizens’ quality of life.

Our projects focus on improving efficiency, sustainability and energy savings, along with social and economic development, since they are the bases on which an intelligent city is built.



We work with Open Source technologies to help both public bodies and citizens to keep lines of communication open and transparent, by means of technological platforms that encourage proposals, votings, or debates. In addition, we promote a use of Consul that enables a guarantee of security and transparency of actions, by means of functionalities where user verification, signature loading on paper, and the management of on-site voting are particularly noteworthy examples.

Financial Transparency

Transparency seeks to share intelligible and valuable data via a means of information and/or communication that makes it possible to highlight the projects and initiatives, so that citizens have access to all the information being handled by the public bodies they have dealings with. So, we work with the public bodies to help them to find the right solutions for sharing data with their citizens by means of Open Source technologies, and also to guarantee transparency in their processes and in the pertinent data.

Big Data

We work with Big Data Systems which range from financial analysis to decision making and data analysis with applications focused on the optimisation of operations and security, to give one example. We also combine data with continuous processing systems with learning for the processing of images, text and generation of predictive analysis which includes the detection of points for improvement or optimisation.

Machine Learning

We integrate Machine Learning in our processes, and we work on it in close relationship with our Big Data Systems. So we take advantage of models based in neuronal networks which offer greater preparation performance and higher precision. All of this is centred on satisfying company needs ranging from decision making to predictive data analysis, and including the optimisation of all types of processes.

LiDAR Solutions

LiDAR Technology (Light Detection and Ranging) already enables us to map and recognise environments by measuring distances with a laser beam, but we can take it further by automating processes with the use of Artificial Intelligence. We thus achieve an advanced 3D perception that allows to obtain more reliable and useful results.


Blockchain is a technology that can be applied to all types of transactions; it functions with a distributed and secure database, eliminating intermediaries from procedures, among which a particular example would be Bitcoin. In our commitment to innovation, we have joined the Alastria alliance, in order to establish a semi-public BlockChain infrastructure which supports services which are legally effective across Spain and in line with European regulations, setting a precedent as far as innovation strategy is concerned.

IoT Solutions

IoT ((Internet of Things) technology brings together a network of physical objects which use sensors and API to connect to each other and exchange data via the internet. It also relates to management and analysis technologies like Big Data and Machine Learning, meaning that over half of the projects we have worked on in recent years are along these lines. We are also active members of AIOTI (Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation), enabling us to be amongst the main industrial actors with regards to the IoT.

As well as this, we specialise in Cloud IoT, guaranteeing security in all the processes, and the use of a unified system with data ready to use, completely managed and scalable, with control over access and deployment of entry devices.