In accordance with the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we inform you that: 1) EDOSOFT FACTORY S.L. https://edosoft.es/ is responsible for the processing of your data; 2) your data will be processed as set out in the current legal provisions to enable you to use and browse this website, and in order to process the specific requests that you make in the setting of the site; 3) we use cookies on this web, in general, to enable and improve your experience while browsing our website 4) the basis for the processing of your data will be, principally, your consent; 5) generally, users’ personal data will not be passed on to third parties with informing you prior to this 6) generally, data will not be transferred internationally; 7) you may access, rectify or cancel your data, as well as exercise other rights, as explained in the additional information indicated below. We recommend you access our policy on privacy and cookies and read it carefully. If, once you know this information, you continue to browse our website, this implies that you accept our policy on privacy and cookies.

Version 1. Dated 25th May, 2018

By means of this Policy (henceforth, the “Policy on Privacy and Cookies”), the policy on privacy and cookies of the Web Platform https://edosoft.es/ (henceforth, “the Platform”), under the ownership of EDOSOFT FACTORY S.L (EDOSOFT FACTORY, henceforth), the Spanish trading company registered on the Las Palmas Trade Register in volume 1768, page 88, section 0, sheet number GC-35320, entry 1. With tax and registered domicile in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Calle Antonio María Manrique 3, piso 2, oficina 4 y 6, Postal Code : 35011, Spain and with tax ID number (CIF) B35867472 and contact email address for this privacy and cookies policy at info@edosoft.es

The Platform is a mechanism for interaction, communication and support that EDOSOFT FACTORY provides for Internet users in order to offer them sufficient, legal and suitable information with regard to their activities,products and services in relation to their legitimate financial and business activities; these activities are subject to the applicable Spanish legal provisions and, with regard to:

In any case, the user agrees to make suitable and legal use of the Platform, as well as of the contents, products and services set out on that platform, in accordance with the applicable legal provisions at any given moment.

Likewise, the user of the Platform agrees specifically to the following:


This policy on privacy and cookies is addressed to Platform users in regard to the processing of their personal data.

In any case, it is to be emphasised that this Platform is addressed to users over the age of 18, and use by minors is forbidden.

The information and personal data provided by users wishing to browse or register on the Platform must be:

Users will be fully responsible for the correct use of their user accounts and of the passwords associated with these accounts. If the registered user considers that the security of their account and associated passwords may have been compromised, they shall contact EDOSOFT FACTORY immediately by means of the contact data available at the beginning of this Policy and report the situation or the incident which corresponds so that EDOSOFT FACTORY can take appropriate measures which may be suitable as soon as the communication is made by the user. All responsibility for the damages associated with the improper use and personal management of the accounts and passwords will remain with the users who are the owners of these accounts, and EDOSOFT FACTORY is completely exempt as a consequence of what is stated above.


In compliance with current legal provisions protecting personal data, and in particular pursuance of articles 12 to 14 of the GDPR, users are informed of the following:

In the event you do not agree with these purposes for processing, we recommend you leave our Platform immediately. Otherwise, for instance, by accepting this policy, or simply by continuing to browse on this Platform, having learned about the information contained in this policy, it is understood that the user consents unequivocally to the purposes of processing they have been informed about previously. To this end, the client should also be aware of what is foreseen in section 4 of this policy, in relation to consent and the rights of users in this sphere.

Outside these cases, users’ personal data will not be given to any other third party, except with the consent of the user or, in the event where there is any other basis for legitimisation of the processing according to what is foreseen in article 6 of the GDPR such as, for instance, the due consent of a legal obligation on the part of EDOSOFT FACTORY (legality of the processing).

By accepting this policy, the user grants their unequivocal, free and informed consent to the processing of their personal data for the processing purposes described in section 3 of this policy on privacy and cookies. In the specific case of the cookies, users should be aware in particular of what is set out in section 7 of this same policy.

The user will have the capacity to choose the processing and purpose of their data, according to their specific interests and needs in each case, so that, when processing is based on consent from the user, the user will have the right to withdraw it at any moment, although this withdrawal will not affect in any way the legitimacy of the prior processing performed by EDOSOFT FACTORY.

In any case, EDOSOFT FACTORY may refuse the use of the Platform and of the services, contents and functionalities associated with this Platform in the event the user does not accept this policy, or does not consent to the processing of their personal information in accordance with the provisions on that Platform.

Acceptance of this policy is irrespective of the possible acceptance of the particular legal terms and conditions which may govern the specific contracting by the users of the services and products made available by the Platform.


EDOSOFT FACTORY has adopted and applies the security levels required by law to the personal data for which it is responsible, according to the corresponding security risk detected, and endeavours to install and/or apply additional technical or organisational means and measures of protection to reinforce the general security of personal data processing, systems, communications environment and corporate organisation, as well as to guarantee due protection against non-authorised or illegal processing, and against their loss, destruction or incidental damage (principle of integrity and confidentiality). Nevertheless, users must be aware that internet security measures are not by any means impregnable; they reflect the state of technology at any given moment and the cost of its application.

For this reason, particular attention should be paid to the criteria for application and the security measures, and other security obligations established in the GDPR, in particular to what is set out in Article 32 GDPR


EDOSOFT FACTORY undertakes to comply with the duty of secrecy and confidentiality regarding the information and personal data provided by users of the Platform, and which is under its control and responsibility, complying with the legislation which is applicable at that time and with the risk level detected at any given time.


As established by the GDPR Whereas 30, individuals may be associated with online identifiers provided by their devices, applications, tools and protocols, such as internet protocol addresses, session identifiers in the form of cookies or other identifiers, such as radio frequency identification tags. This may leave traces which, in particular when combined with unique identifiers and other information received by the servers, may be used to create profiles of the individuals and identify them. For this reason, EDOSOFT FACTORY has a cookie policy coherent with the applicable legal provisions.

7.1. Applicable legal provisions:

Pursuant to article 22 of Spanish Law Act 34/2002, dated 11 July on information society services and e-commerce, addressing the rights of the recipients of commercial communications sent by electronic means, service providers may only use data storage and recovery devices at the recipients’ terminal equipment when the recipients have given their consent and have been duly informed.

For this purpose, these recipients and end users must be given full, clear information on their use and, in particular, the purposes of processing the data, as set out in the legal provisions protecting personal data. Therefore, whenever this is technically possible and effective, the recipient’s consent to processing of their data may be given through the use of adequate parameters in the browser or other applications.

The above will not preclude any possible technical access or storage for the sole purpose of sending a communication via an electronic communications network or, to the extent that this is strictly necessary, for the provision of an information society service expressly requested by the recipient.

7.2. User consent and cookies: general rule and exception.

In general, when the installation and/or use of cookies entails personal data processing, regardless of whether they are first or third party cookies, session or persistent, EDOSOFT FACTORY, as controller of the processing, will provide the information needed in this sphere and will obtain the user’s prior, informed consent to install and/or use them.

Only those cookies that exclusively permit communication between the user’s equipment and the network and strictly those used to provide a service requested by the user are excluded from that consent. For example, “technical cookies” (e.g. those required for browsing on the Platform or application), “personalisation cookies” (e.g. those that enable the web page to recognise the user’s language, etc.) and “security cookies” (e.g. those that detect repeated wrong attempts to connect to a website) would be excluded.

7.3. Are cookies used on the Platform? What are they?

The Platform uses cookies, that is, small files or devices that are downloaded onto the user’s terminal equipment (personal computer, smart phone, tablet, terminals and mobile devices etc.), regardless of their nature, and with the principal purpose of guaranteeing the correct functioning of the Platform (to remember the language chosen, and similar functions). Thus, in general terms, and notwithstanding what is set out below, the cookies will allow browsing on the Platform, and certain utilities and services provided thereon, so users are advised that disabling or blocking them may impair browsing or the correct or broader use of the Platform by the user.

7.4. Which cookies do we use on the Platform?

Cookies can be first or third party. First party cookies are those sent to or downloaded onto the user’s terminal equipment from the Platform (editor) and managed by the latter, while third party cookies are those sent to or downloaded onto the user’s terminal equipment from other domains or equipment not handled by the Platform (editor), but by another entity processing the data obtained through the cookies.

Likewise, the above-mentioned cookies can be session or persistent cookies. The former are a type of cookies designed to collect and store data while the user accesses the Platform for the main purpose of storing information the keeping of which is only of interest in order to provide the service requested by the user on a single occasion. However, the latter remain stored on the user’s terminal and may be accessed and processed over a time defined by the entity responsible for the cookie.

Cookies can also be technical, permitting the user to browse the Platform and use the different options or services provided through it, such as controlling the traffic and communication of data, identifying the session, accessing restricted access parts, recalling the elements of a contractual request, using security elements during browsing, storing content for the showing of videos or audio, or sharing content through the social networks.

They may also be personalisation cookies, referring to those which allow the user access to the service with some pre-defined characteristics according to certain criteria associated with their own terminal, such as the type of browser through which they access the service, the regional set-up from which the service is accessed, etc.

Likewise they may have a statistical or informative purpose for the editor in connection with the particular use that the users make of the Platform and of the contents or services available through that Platform.

Below is an informative summary table of the specific cookies that EDOSOFT FACTORY currently uses on the platform:

CookiesOwnershipStorage periodPurpose
cookieconsent_statusEdosoft Factory1 yearConsent

7.5. Who uses the cookies?

The information gathered through the cookies used on the Platform may be used both by the owner or by a third party providing a service to that owner.

7.6. Management and set-up of cookies.

From the information offered in this policy, we include information on how to manage the cookies used on the Platform through the different options offered by the most common browsers.

You can control and even block the use of cookies, depending on the browser installed on your computer. You can find information on how to manage them by clicking on the following links:


This policy has been in force since May 25th 2018. EDOSOFT FACTORY reserves the right to modify this policy, in order to adapt it to future changes in law, doctrine or case law that may be applicable, or for technical,operational, commercial, corporate or business reasons, giving prior, reasonable notice to users of the changes whenever possible. In any case, users are recommended to read this Policy carefully every time they access this Platform, since any modification will be published on this Platform. Likewise, EDOSOFT FACTORY may inform users personally and with prior notice of the changes planned for this policy, before they come into force, whenever this is technically or reasonably possible, and in particular when these changes are relevant to the registered users or clients of EDOSOFT FACTORY.

The protection of users’ rights is important for EDOSOFT FACTORY, so that, in the event of any question or suggestion that a user may wish to bring to us about this policy, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at this electronic mail address: info@edosoft.es


In general terms, any controversy or conflict will be submitted preferentially by the parties to the knowledge of said parties in order to reach an amicable solution and mutual agreement using, for these purposes, where EDOSOFT FACTORY is concerned, the channel for legal contact (or the data protection delegate, in the event this activity is delegated) described in section 9 of this policy. In the event this were not possible, in compliance with the criteria contained in GDPR for the determination of the competence of the leading or principal authority with regard to knowledge of any conflict, controversy or claim concerning this policy on privacy and cookies, unless, in executive action, you are informed that this authority will be the Spanish Data Protection Agency, (AEPD) and compliance must be sought, in any case, to that which is set out in article 56 of the GDPR. With regard to the right to effective legal protection, users should be aware of what is set out in article 79.2 of the GDPR, and corresponding action should be taken before the Judges and Court of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Canary Islands - Spain). In any case, the applicable legal provisions will be the Spanish provisions.