Google Cloud Partner


We are Experts in Digital Strategy

We work with you throughout the life cycle of your project, ensuring that every type of Cloud Technology based tool is available to you, focused both on management and on development of applications, customer relations maintenance and collaboration via devices.

It is our belief that it is ongoing advisory services that make the difference, which is why we’ll be working hand in hand, from implementation to data migration, support and training, always using Google technology in innovative ways to bring value and to help to achieve technological excellence at the greatest speed.





Administer your electronic mail and communicate directly with your colleagues, both from communities organised according to their affinities and from chats or video conferencing, without forgetting calendar management to keep your teams aligned



Because it is the tools which should adapt to your project, you can work from whatever application you prefer: from documents to sites, and including spread sheets, presentations or forms. And not forgetting to take note of everything and the chance even to create your own apps and share the whole creative process.



Store all the files who need to create or that your team has shared with you, and find them whenever you need them, whatever their format or wherever they are



Administer security at all levels of your company by means of personalised audits, control of data saved and management of permissions for the different employees



Jamboard is a digital blackboard designed and manufactured by Google, with a tactile screen and 4K resolution, that takes collaboration to a completely new level by means of total integration with G Suite, contributing to the visualisation of any team’s ideas in an innovative and creative manner, and encouraging the flow of information in a simple fashion.


Google Cloud Platform


All the Google Cloud solutions, customised to your needs and adapted to your processes, from infrastructure to Big Data and Automatic Learning, and including web and mobile applications designed to increase productivity in specialised sectors.

Cloud Computing

All kinds of options available for you, flexible and user definable, but not at the cost of security or the guarantee of a global and robust service. From applications platforms to containers, and including virtual machines, all scalable, with the option of deploying the code directly or by means of containers and paying only for what you use.

Artificial Intelligence

Simple to use and centred on agility and scalability, Google’s Artificial Intelligence is characterised by the fact that it offers modern automatic learning services, to generate customised models or work through previously prepared models. This is a cloud service available to provide value for business applications by means of improved performance and accuracy.

Solutions for Big Data

Years of innovation are embodied in a Big Data platform which is integrated and does not use a server, dedicated to collecting, processing, storing and analysing data without call for administration of the infrastructure. In addition, there is the chance to combine cloud-native services with open code tools to adapt to the needs of the project at every moment.

Cloud IoT

Guaranteed speed and security when you connect, administer or transfer data from millions of devices worldwide and with a fully administered service. Cloud IoT, through the combination of its services, provides a complete solution for data treatment in order to improve operational efficiency.

Google Chrome

Devices for companies

These are devices oriented towards cloud-working and based on speed, simplicity, security and ease of sharing. We work on anything from laptops and employee desktops to devices for video conferencing or devices oriented towards a specific function.


Chrome technology allows us access to high quality conferences in any type of room or on any type of device, to programme meetings on the go, with both external and internal participants and up to 25 devices. In this way, dozens of participants can collaborate in real time, saving configuration time and joining the meetings simply by means of a link.

Digital Signage

Chrome devices help you work with an affordable signage platform without sacrificing reliability and performance, enabling digital signage both on one screen or various screens, and with the possibility of managing everything remotely. In addition, these are devices which are prepared for tactile screens and a wide variety of peripherals, which will help you to adapt the configuration to your needs. Discover our solution for Digital Channel Management