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Our DevOps Methodology focuses on automating processes and delivering software more speedily, in a continuous fashion, with greater quality and lower cost, taking integration between software developers and systems administrators as a base.

We have specialised in this technology to offer services based on a working model of relationship and reporting, which pays special attention to security and the continuity of the service.

Our DevOps team is made up of professionals with wide experience, who come from different sectors, and who offer added value solutions to the different needs of our clients, providing transparency for each process and value for each solution.

Onboarding de proyectos.

DevOps Methodology: Agile Principles to provide value for the client.

Methodology based on Agile Principles, focusing on automating processes through the development of code to manage the tools and thus reduce the distance between technological departments such as Systems/Operations and Software Development.

We work with recognised Tools such as: Version Control Systems (GIT, Mercurial), Continuous Integration (Jenkins, CircleCI, Travis, Gitlab CI), Software Packaging and Containerisation (Packer, Docker), Configuration Management/Provisioning, Artefact Management (Puppet, Ansible, Saltstack, Chef, Terraform), Cloud/IaaS/PaaS (Google Cloud Platform, AWS, Azure), BI/Monitoring/Logging (Logstash, Kibana, Locker).

With this methodology we can ensure frequent deliveries and short cycles, which guarantee transparency in our relationship with the client and bring value from the very first minute. This is how we confer greater agility on the business and we encourage a notable increase in productivity at all company levels.

Success Stories


Problem: Remote work was limited to small sessions when the personnel were out of the office at meetings, and it was not purposed for engineering work; this was an obstacle in employees and external consultants carrying out their day’s work from outside the offices.

Solution: A connection protocol was implemented and a specific VPN profile, so that external users could have safe access to the corporate network. Subsequently a remote desktop system (VDI) was put in place to give access to the consultancy test models.

Team: A multidisciplinary agile team of 5 professionals in different areas took charge of developing the system in an evolutionary fashion.

Security Audit

Problem: SecureIT analyses the logs of the customer network’s elements in search of attacks or exfiltration, the current process is semi-manual, with several days elapsing between the attack and the detection.

Solution: An automatic analysis stack was developed based on ElasticSearch, logstash, MongoDB, with a real time system of alerts and of triggers so that automatic action can be undertaken in the face of attacks.

Team: A team was set up with 2 developers and 2 100% remote DevOps, and the implementation was performed in the customer’s facilities.

Banking and finance

Problem: To introduce new technologies in a manner that is fast, operative and compatible with Legacy.

Solution: On site and off site working teams, in agile mode organised into squads.

Team: Versatile team, 2 Full Stack Developers and 2 DevOps.

Delivery: Deliveries by Sprint: mobile development, web development, infrastructure automation, Big Data.