Agile Cloud Factory

Our priority: to provide our customers with value

We have a multidisciplinary team of Full Stack Developers, with experience in Testing and Development, specialising in working in line with the customer’s environments and procedures, in such a way as to guarantee complete adaptation to customer working hours and the maintenance of the most demanding quality standards.

Agile Methodology Scaled to Company Level

¿Metodología Ágil? ¿Scrum? Nuestra garantía de buenos resultados

We use Company Level Scaled Agile Methodology to increase the quality of our processes by means of integration, constant data automation and updating, cadence development, on demand delivery and transparency.

This methodology comprises a set of activities designed to provide support: both in the active evolution of the design and architecture of a software system, and in the improvement of the company’s processes and performance.

In this way, our teams are client-orientated in each and every one of their departments, and their work is always organised in close collaboration with the actual client, to guarantee quality in results and cost reduction.

Ensure Premium Quality

Within our methodology we apply Test Driven Development, which means writing the Tests First and Refactoring to ensure that each piece of code is tested and covers our customers’ needs. This is the best way to guarantee that each hour of work carried out brings value to our customers.

Our team has ample experience in Quality Assurance, be it Functional, and System Quality, or Features and Integration Quality; as well as this, systems automation is written into our very DNA, meaning we automate the tests whenever possible to lay the foundations for future versions.

Plazos de 2 semanas. Sprint

Certified Methodology

We like challenges and we like to be transparent, so we have subjected our methodology to international standards and we currently hold security certification (ISO 27001), quality certification (ISO 9001) and environmental certification (ISO 14001).

These certifications guarantee that things work properly in all the departments of the organisation, and contribute to the creation of trust and security for our customers. In this way, we provide value, not only through each project’s objectives, but also by taking care of every single detail of our procedure.

In addition, in 2018 we have been certified in new ISO regulations, such as the ISO 20000 for Quality of Services and the ISO 15504 (equivalent to CMMI Level 3) for Software Process Improvement Capability Determination.